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Monthly Horoscope, Leo, September 2021

Leo horoscope September 2021

The month of transformation is April, as the Sun, Moon, and Moon will have an impact on the second house, which includes finances, career, and self-esteem. Your finances will be your main focus at the beginning of this month. This is a bad time to start for your finances. Don’t take chances. Unexpected expenses will occur and you need to be ready for them. Do not enter into complicated business deals. They will cause you to lose later. Also, you should avoid any discussion about quick money-making schemes. They might not be true. Don’t risk your savings.

Mercury and Venus will have an impact on your siblings and communication. This month will see you busy and you need to look after your health. This month will require you to be focused on many things, especially in the second week. You will also need to focus on too many projects in the communication and media-related fields. You will have a lot of things to share with your family members and siblings. Be gentle and don’t speak in a rude way. This could cause offense to your family members. This month can also include travel and training.

Pisces will see the full moon rise, which will bring about some completions in the relationships. Because it must deal with all the complexities, the Moon doesn’t want to be here. This phase will also include arguments about finances. There are many endings that can occur. It can also be in the issues. This is a delicate phase. This full moon phase can cause you to have wild thoughts and should be controlled. This is a complicated phase in relationships. Don’t rush to make any decisions. This month will also be an important one for borrowing, lending and other financial moves.

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