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More importance is being given to the insurgency than the Assam floods, what is the condition of the North East states?

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DNA with Sudhir Chaudhary: So far more than 100 people have died in the floods in Assam and 55 lakh people of the state have been directly affected by it. There are two and a half lakh people whose houses have been submerged in this flood and these people are now built by the government.

DNA with Sudhir Chaudhary: There has been a tremendous flood in Assam at this time, in which more than 100 people have died so far and 55 lakh people of the state have been directly affected by it. There are 2.5 lakh people whose houses have been submerged in this flood and these people are now forced to live in relief camps built by the government. On the other hand, Eknath Shinde is staying with more than 40 Shiv Sena MLAs in a five star hotel in Guwahati, the capital of Assam and these MLAs can topple Uddhav Thackeray’s government at any time. Now the question is, which of these is big news for you?

What’s the big news for you?

If we look at the media of India, then the floods in Assam are not big news for them. Rather, the stay of rebel Shiv Sena MLAs in Guwahati, Assam is big news for him and nothing can be sadder than this. The people of North East India have been drawing the attention of the entire country towards the devastation caused by the floods for the last one month, asking for help and appealing to the media to give some space to our sorrow on your channel. This voice did not reach the country.

Assam floods a matter of concern for us

But today we want to tell you here that there is bigger news for us than the rebellion, the floods in Assam. In which many people are being killed every day. Want to know only about the rebel MLAs of Shiv Sena. But imagine how it can happen that if there is a flood in Assam, then we do not even consider it as our share. But if the rebel MLAs of Shiv Sena come and stay in the capital of Assam, then Guwahati comes very close to Mumbai and its neighboring city starts appearing.

natural disaster in assam

This is the second flood in Assam in the last two months, in which more than 100 people have died so far. There are a total of 35 districts in Assam, out of which 32 districts are badly affected by the floods and the Government of Assam has told that till June 22, two lakh 71 thousand people have taken shelter in about 900 relief camps in the state and these are the people, Whose houses have been completely submerged in the flood.

Such is the condition of Assam

The Central Water Commission has told that at present all the rivers including Kopili and Brahmaputra of Assam are flowing above the danger mark. Due to heavy rains in the state, these rivers can take a more dangerous form, due to which the situation may worsen. Along with the common people, thousands of farmers have also been badly affected by this flood. So far, crops spread over an area of ​​more than one lakh hectares have been destroyed and hundreds of houses have been damaged due to landslides in the high mountainous areas. Due to this, many National Highways have also come to a standstill in Assam and you can guess the current situation in Assam from the fact that now along with the NDRF, the help of the army is being taken for relief and rescue operations. Prime Minister Modi has also spoken to the Chief Minister of the state Himanta Biswa Sarma over the phone regarding the condition of Assam. Apart from Assam, many people have also been affected by this flood in Meghalaya and Tripura. But think, this flood is not big news for the media of our country and the people of our country.

Guwahati becomes hot topic

Our viewers from North East India are also very sad today about the fact that ever since these MLAs have come to Guwahati, the name of Guwahati has been covered in the media all over the country and Guwahati is trending on social media. Used to be. But before this, when more than 100 people died due to floods in Guwahati, then no one even took the name of Guwahati. Why government is formed in any state, this government is formed to serve the people there. But when the entire system of the country starts paying attention to the plight of the leaders more than the plight of the people, then understand that there is something wrong in the country.

dire need of change

Today all this is happening with the states of North East. But in future the same thing can happen to other states of the country as well. Because floods never become big news in our country. The day when floods, rebellions will become big news in our country. On that day the politics of our country will also change. Our media will also change and the whole atmosphere of our country will also change. The day this will happen, from that day progressive and development politics will also start in our country.

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