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Morpankhi Plant Benefit: Plant this plant in pairs, knowing these 3 benefits will bring it home immediately

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Morpankhi Plant Benefit: Morpankhi plant has been described as very auspicious in the scriptures. There are many benefits of applying it at home. Know its benefits and the right way to apply it at home.

Morpankhi Plant Benefit: Plants make the house beautiful as well as keep the environment pure. In Vastu Shastra, some special plants have been described as very lucky for the family. From which positive energy comes. Must have seen a plant in the garden, in the school. The peacock plant, which many people used to hide in the pages of the book in childhood to increase learning. In the scriptures, the peacock plant is said to be very auspicious. Many benefits of applying it at home have been told, let us know its benefits and the right way to apply it at home.

Many benefits of peacock

  1. It is believed that planting a peacock tree in the house does not create a situation of tension. There is unity in the family. Get each other’s cooperation. The conflict ends.
  2. With the positivity of the peacock plant in the house, there is a development in the intelligence of the members. The mind remains focused towards the work. Along with this, the mind of the children will be sharp and interest in studies will remain.
  3. Even the calamity that comes at home is not able to enter inside due to the effect of this plant. It is considered very fruitful for maintaining happiness and peace in the family and for economic benefits.

It is necessary to plant the peacock plant in this way:

  • Whenever you plant a peacock plant in your house, do not plant it alone and always plant it in pairs. Due to this married life remains happy. Love and cooperation remains between husband and wife
  • The peacock should always be placed on the main door of the house. Negative energy does not enter inside the house. Money is not a problem.
  • If you plant a peacock plant inside the house, then always plant it in the north direction. Keep it in such a place, where this plant can get sunlight, because only then it will be able to grow properly.
  • According to the scriptures, if the peacock plant dries up, then another peacock plant should be planted immediately. Because it is believed that this plant protects the members of the house from diseases.

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