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MP: Mandsaur Muslim converts to Hindu marriage for a Muslim woman

A 19-year old Muslim girl married a 22 year-old Hindu man in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur on Thursday.

Naznin Bano, now Nancy, and Deepak Goswami, the youth are both Guna residents. Their friendship blossomed into love after they met through TikTok.

Nancy stated, “We met through TikTok. I had only messaged him via Tik Tok and we began talking to one another. I borrowed a phone from him, and began calling him. However, my family members took the phone. I was also beaten up by them when they saw my phone. Deepak lives next to me in the next gully. “I need security. I would like to live in Kumbhraj only.”

“I was engaged to my aunt’s boy in Indore. But I didn’t like the boy. Deepak is the only man I want to marry. We went to the temple to get married according to the rituals. She said that everyone respects me and she feels very good.

Deepak stated, “Her family used to beat her a lot.” She said that she can’t stay there and she would rather stay with me. She was also threatened by her family that she would be killed if she spoke to me. My wedding was scheduled for March 20, 2022. She asked me if I would marry anyone. In the end, I didn’t marry. We went to Ahmedabad on May 13. The contact number for Mandsaur’s Chaitanya Singh Rajput was given to me. I was asked to come and we were married after all the legal processes of conversion and rituals.

Chaitanya Singh Rajput, a convert Hindu (earlier Zafar Sheikh), is one example. He was married to a Hindu girl, and he changed his religion. In the six months since Mandsaur, five Muslims have adopted the Hindu faith.

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