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Nakul Roshan Sahdev says I am a ‘genre-breaker in ‘Girgit.

Nakul Roshan Sahdev, actor in the web series “Girgit”, has spoken out about his role. He said it was a “genre-breaker”, and that his character is “quite entertaining”.

ALT Balaji’s new series, which consists of seven episodes, is a drama about love and betrayal. Through characters who are prone to deceit and charm, the narrative examines the limits human indecency.

“Girgit” centers on the investigation into a murder in a dysfunctional couple that gets more complex as the case develops.

Nakul spoke out about his character and the show, saying that everyone is chameleons at some level, even those who are not on the same level. We all try to put on a good front when we are with our friends, colleagues, or bosses. But in the show, the stakes are high because everyone is trying to save their own lives. “Girgit” is about pure love, passion, and that’s the show’s underbelly. Nakul added that he was playing Ranbir. He is transparent and straightforward, but society doesn’t seem to like him. Society likes you if only one layer of your character is true to him, but my character, which is transparent and very open, is like saying ‘accept me or not me’. While I’ve seen Ranbir in real life and on screen, my Ranbir is very entertaining in his world of ‘Girgit. “Girgit” is a story filled with love, lust and revenge. It’s a thrilling game that involves hide and seek.

Santosh Shetty is the series’ director. The series also stars Taniya Kelra, Trupti Khmkar, Ashmita jaggi, Samar Vermani and Aleksandar Ilic. Shahwar Ali and Ashish Tiagi are other characters.

The series will stream on ALT Balaji starting October 27,

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