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New COVID-19 wave hits Australian capital: Health authorities

Australia’s capital Canberra has warned about a new wave coronavirus.
Rachel Stephen Smith, Australian Capital Territory Health Minister, revealed that models have shown that the territory has been experiencing another wave COVID-19-related epidemic.
According to the Canberra Times, she stated that “we are starting to see those case numbers increasing and we expect this is potentially the start for another wave of COVID-19 throughout the winter period into July or possibly into August.”
“We are aware of this and we are keeping an eye on the case numbers in order to determine if that trajectory will be maintained.”
This comes just a few days after the ACT set a new COVID-19 hospitalization record.
According to Tuesday’s latest update, there were 121 COVID-19-infected people being treated at ACT hospitals. This is the highest number of cases since the outbreak.

The government claimed that the increase was due to an outbreak at Canberra Hospital’s cancer ward.
Paul Craft, the clinical director of the ward said that authorities are still investigating how COVID-19 spread to the ward.
He said that it was difficult to track the spread of the virus through the population, but that he is still trying to do so.
“It will likely be a long while before it is exactly clear how this outbreak occurred.”
According to the federal Department of Health on Monday afternoon, there had been a total of 8,023,259 COVID-19-related cases in Australia. There were also 9,704 deaths and about 226,653 active COVID-19 instances.
There were 3,133 cases in hospitals throughout the nation on Monday, including 111 in intensive.
Australia reported more that 30,000 COVID-19 deaths and more than 70 new cases on Tuesday.


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