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Is this really what is going on? Did you ever feel so badly that your jaw was numb? It’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. You may have thought to yourself that I don’t have any dental insurance. HELP!! You cried out for help, but no one heard it because it was just a thought. You weren’t actually speaking to anyone.

Because you don’t have dental insurance, you believe that you are unable to go to the dentist. You think it’s not dangerous enough to go to an emergency room. How can you make the pain go away without causing more financial pain?

Recently, I found myself in the same situation. What was different is that my pain was so severe, my routine consisted of this: get up, place a numbing medication on the tooth, then try to fall asleep. To make the pain lessen, take some aspirin and get back to sleep. If the pain returns, you can try again with the numbing agent.

Are you aware that toothache can quickly become so severe that it can infect your teeth? When infection starts, your face may swell. This is what happened for me. It is not possible to let infection go untreated. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.

Did you know that most toothaches are not caused by an open dentist? My toothache was on Friday night. When did yours start?

I felt a lot better by Sunday morning. I remembered that I was part of a discount plan and was less in pain.

This was sure to provide me with some relief.

The benefits I liked the most:

• It was effective as soon as I enrolled

• It was for my entire household not just me

• It included vision benefits which I had not ever had before

• I could also use it when I traveled to different states.

I was astonished to discover how long it would take before I actually used my discount dental plan. I was glad to have something for in the event of an emergency.

Did you know that a toothache can happen without warning? People end up in an emergency situation, spending more than they want to, and often find themselves in a worse financial position.

I was literally able to save hundreds of dollars by using my discount dental plan for that tooth extraction.


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