North Korea completes ‘final-stage’ test of spy satellite

North Korea conducted a “final-stage test,” on Sunday, to test the development of an intelligence satellite. the first reconnaissance satellite used by the military according to Korean Central News Agency.
The spokesperson of NADA’s spokesperson said that National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) stated it was conducted to assess potential capabilities for satellite imaging, as well as data transmission systems and the Ground Control System.
This test also tested the control command for photography as well as the control commands for the attitude of various types of cameras in an optimal environment that simulates space following the high-angle launch of one of the test satellites to an 500km altitude with one panchromatic camera that can be used for a 20m resolution two multispectral cameras video transmitters and transmitters, receivers from various different bands as well as control units and batteries, according to the spokesperson.
The test confirmed significant technical indicators such as the camera’s technology operation in space as well as the transmission and processing capabilities of communications devices, as well as the control and tracking precision that the system of ground controls in accordance with KCNA.
The NADA declared that it would conclude the work on the spy satellite before April 2023.
This announcement was made following South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) declared that they was able to detect the launch from the region of Tongchang-RI, North Pyongan Province between 11:13 am between 12:05 pm and 11:13 am (local local time).
As per the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, the missiles were fired from high angles and traveled approximately 500 km. The JCS stated that the intelligence agencies from South Korea and the United States have been conducting an analysis to find out more details in relation to the recent North Korean missile activity.

Pyongyang’s latest missile launch occurs just a month after the country launched the first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) thought to have the capability of getting all part of continental US according to Yonhap media agency.
On Thursday, North Korea carried out an “important test” on a “high-thrust solid-fuel” motor to make “another new-type strategic weapon system,” Yonhap news agency reported. Korean Central News Agency.
The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff condemned North Korea’s missile launch and called them the “act of significant provocation” which threatens peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the international community, according to the Yonhap news agency’s report. The report emphasized that the move was an “clear” breach of the United Nations Security Council resolutions.
The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff underscored that Seoul will continue to keep the status of readiness based on its capability in the event of having to react “overwhelmingly” to any provocations by Pyongyang. South Korea’s JCS demanded North Korea to stop carrying these actions.

“We strongly condemned them and urge the North to immediately stop them,” Yonhap news agency quoted South Korea’s JCS as declaring in the text message.

The month of November saw North Korea launched a ballistic missile that was fired in November, The Japanese Premier Minister’s Office said in a statement. Pyongyang released what appeared as an intercontinental missile (ICBM) towards the east on this past Friday. Yonhap media reported using a defense source.
Japanese Premier Minister’s Office tweetsthat “[Emergency alert] North Korea has launched a suspected ballistic missile. More updates to follow.” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) earlier declared they had confirmed that North Korea fired an unspecified ballistic missile.