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Online application for Driving Licence in Uttarakhand| Uttarakhand Driving Licence application

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DL application in Uttarakhand| Apply Driving licence online in Uttarakhand | Learner Licence in Uttarakhand | DL application in Uttarakhand

Driving Licence Uttarakhand. If you wish to drive a vehicle, then you will need a driving licence in Uttarakhand. You can apply online for a driving license in Uttarakhand. You must pass the computer exam to get learner licensure. It is valid for 6 months. After one month, you can go to RTO to take driving skill exam. If you pass driving skill examination, you get driving license in Uttarakhand. This article explains all of these steps.

What is the Learner’s licence?

The learner licence is temporary driving license. It allows you to drive with this licence. However, this online licence is valid for 6 months and is not permanent. Once you have obtained your learner driving license, you can apply online for permanent driving licence in Uttarakhand.

Online driving license Uttarakhand

We will now guide you through the entire process of getting a driving license in Uttarakhand. We will guide you through the entire process.

Preparing all necessary documents to apply online for driving licence Uttarakhand is the first step.

Apply Online for Driving license Uttarakhand

Below is a list containing all documents needed to apply for driving license Uttarakhand

  • Recent Passport Size Photograph of the applicant– 3 Copies
  • Residence Address Proof ( Aadhar Card, Ration card, Voter ID and Electricity bill
  • Valid Age Proof Documents: Passport, Birth Certificate, Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate, School Living certificate
  • For vehicles equipped with a gear, a minimum age of 18 years is required
  • Vehicles without gear must be driven by the minimum age group of 16 years

Uttarakhand driving licence application fees

1 Learner’s License for each class of vehicle (on paper) Rs 200.00
2 Permanent Driving License with Smart Card Rs 200.00
3 International Driving Permit  (on paper) Rs 500.00
4  Renewal of Driving License on Smart Card Rs 250.00
5 Driving test for each vehicle type Rs 50.00
6 Endorsement for a new vehicle class on Smart Card DL Rs 200.00
7 After the grace period expires, renewal of DL on Smart Card Rs 200.00 + Rs 50 penalty per annum or part thereof

After completing all necessary documents, you can apply online for a Learner’s licence. Fill out online application and pay fees. You will also need to book a computer slot book.

How to Apply Online for Uttarakhand Learner Licence ?

Procedure to apply for a learner license in Uttarakhand

First, apply online for learner’s licence. Next, visit parivahan website https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/. Now, open the parivahan homepage and choose menu to driving license related services. Select Uttarakhand  

select state sarthi parivahan

First, choose the license you wish to apply for. If you are applying as a Learning License, click on a Learning License. If you are applying as a New Driver License, click on a Nouveau Driving License.

apply for learner licence

You will see a New Page Open after you click on the Learning license.

apply driving license online

  • Open the application form. Fill in all required details.

Now, fill in your correct address details.

Select a category for your driving licence such as a LMV,MCMSR,LMV–NT,MCWG or M/CYCL.WG,HGMV

This section will allow you to provide details about your vehicle. The applicant can choose the vehicle he uses from 19 different types. After selecting the vehicle, applicant must select the vehicle.

New Applicant Details

Send your application, and keep track of your application number so you can use it later.

Next, upload the document needed for your driving license application. Here are the steps to upload documents for driving licence applications.

Parivahan website Menu to upload documents

Upload the remaining documents

upload document and photo

Upload your signature and photo.

You will need to upload your document and book a time slot for a computer exam.

you have to give   Appointment of Slot Book, Which are “Date and Time” Given By Sarathi Parivahan Website” select to appointment.

Now, select LL slot

Now open slot book date, available date to choose date and conform your slot book

Driving License Slot  Booking Confirm to Prints

In Sarathi Parivahan Offical Website Some Fixed Fees Pay for Driving Licence Fees. Pay Fees in Sarthi Parivahan Website is so essy method. Parivahan Website Now Day Online Fees Available. click on payment.

Now, show the instructions and carefully read them. Click to continue.

Now enter your application number and Birth date and click to ” click here to calculate fees” and show fees details below and make payment.

Online payment of driving licence feesOnline payment of Driving Licence Fees Sarthi Parivahan

online pay fees dl

Once you have made payment, your slot booking will be confirmed and you can take your computer test on this date.

Verify the payment status

Your payment must be verified. If your payment is complete, you can proceed with the process. Otherwise, you will need to pay your fees. Below is how to check your payment status.

After selecting your state, first visit the sarthiparivahan website. Next, select driving licence related services. Click on the Check Payment Status button.

Please Enter the following details to get Status of the Payment –  Application Number, Birth Date and click on verify button.

Once you have filled out your application, you will receive an acknowledgement and a receipt.

After you have completed the forms, all your documents will be checked along with any originals.

Computer testing for learner license

You will have a learner’s test – The test details are below

  • Ten Multiple Choice Questions
  • Time Limit: 10 minutes
  • These topics include Road Signs, Traffic Rules and Regulations.
  • Minimum 6 marks from 10 for qualifying criteria

Once these steps are carried out, you shall be issued a learner’s license. You can ride the type of vehicle you apply for. You must be accompanied by someone who holds a permanent license while you ride a motor vehicle. The learner’s vehicle must have a Big ‘L’ in red color and must be stuck.

If you fail to pass the qualifying test, you may reapply for a permanent license within seven days. Now that you have the learner’s license, you are eligible to apply for a permanent license after a minimum period of 30 days. Let’s take a look at how to apply for a permanent driving licence in India.

How to apply online in Uttarakhand for a permanent licence ?

Permanent Licence: If you are going to complete the learning license, then don’t delay now. You can immediately apply for a permanent licence after you have obtained your Learner Licence. It is easy to apply for a driving license. The application must be completed according to the instructions. After passing the driving test, your permanent license will arrive at your home. The learning license expires after six months.

Apply for a Driving Licence

  • You will see the option to Appointment ( Slot Book)  at the left of the page. Click it.

New Windows click on Book Slots Menu  >> DL Test Slot Booking

There are two options, and you can choose any one of them: Learne licence number or application number.

  • Then after Entering Your Application Number or Learning License Number With Date of birth and Verification Code.

  • After Verification, You Can Select Class of Vehicle  and Go to Book Process Button 
  • You can select a date and time that you are interested in
  • One-time Password sent to your Register Mobile Number
  • Next, verify your One-Time Password. Finally, you can Apply Permanent Driving License 

The payment option will now appear when you click on the “Conform to Slot Book” button. You will need to pass driving skill test and go to RTO. If you pass driving skills test, you will get your driving license in a matter of days. Your driving license will arrive at your home.

How do I obtain a smart driving licence in Uttarakhand? ?

Apply should Be made in form-8 attaching original driving license with a fee of Rs.50/- for driving license, Rs.200/- for a smart card driving license and Rs.50/- for driving test is required to be paid with application.

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