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Online application for Learning Licence in Nagaland | Learner Licence Nagaland

Driving Licence Application Nagaland. To be able to drive a vehicle on Indian roads, you need a driving permit in India. You can apply online for a driving license in all states. After you get your learner license, you must pass the computer exam. The validity of your learner licence is six months. After 1 month, you can go to RTO to take driving skill exam. If you pass driving skill testing then you get driving license. This article explains all of these steps.

What is a Learner license?

A learner driving licence is temporary. You can drive with this license but you must apply for a driving licence online. This is not a permanent driving licence. You can apply for permanent driving license after one month.

Learning Licence Online Application in Nagaland

We will now guide you through the entire process of getting a driving license in India. We will guide you through the entire process.

Preparing all required documents to apply online for driving license is the first step.

Online Learning Licence Application: Document Required Nagaland

Here’s a list of documents that you will need to submit for a Learner licence:

  • Recent Passport Size Photograph of the applicant– 3 Copies
  • Residence Address Proof ( Aadhar Card, Ration card, Voter ID and Electricity bill
  • Valid age proof documents (Passport, Aadhar card Birth Certificate, Birth Certificate, School living certificates)
  • For vehicles equipped with a gear, a minimum age of 18 years is required
  • You must be at least 16 years old to drive vehicles with no gear

Fees for driving licence application

1 Learner’s License for each class of vehicle (on paper) Rs 200.00
2 Permanent Driving Licence on Smart Card Rs 200.00
3 International Driving Permit  (on paper) Rs 500.00
4  Smart Card Renewal for Driving License Rs 250.00
5 Driving test for each vehicle type Rs 50.00
6 Endorsement by Smart Card DL of a new class of vehicle Rs 200.00
7 After the grace period expires, renewal of DL on Smart Card Rs 200.00 + penalty @ Rs50 per year or a part thereof

After completing all necessary documents, you can apply online for a Learner’s licence. Fill out online application and pay fees. You will also need to book a computer slot book.

Procedure for Online Application of Learning Licence in Nagaland ?

You must first visit the parivahan site to apply online for learning license in Nagaland. https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/. Now open the parivahan home page. Click on menu to access driving licence related services.  

select state sarthi parivahan

First of all, redirect to parivahan service website and select main menu to Learner Licence >> Application For New Learner Licence.

apply for learner licence

Now, show instructions for Application Submission

Following are the stages in Application Submission in Issuing Learner’s Licence in the following order

  6. Verify the Pay Status

Step 1 : Fill Application Details LL

You will see a New Page Open after clicking the Continue button. First, choose a category. Next, select to. Indian Driving/Learner Licence not issued to applicantSelect to To display camps/Sewa Kendras, please select Rto Office.

Please Note: Fresh Learner Licence are issued through ITS’S/Camps only(Not issued at Rto Office). After selecting RTO, list all camps.

Click on the Submit Button to select your nearest campus. Now, enter your mobile number to Enter OPT.

Open the application form. Fill in all required details. first block to enter personal details.

Now, fill in your correct address details.

Choose from the following categories for your driving licence: LMV,MCMSR,LMV–NT,MCWG or M/CYCL.WG,HGMV

This is the case if you apply for a Motor Cycle with no gear. If you are applying for a Two-wheeled Four-wheel vehicle, then add MCWOG. This class can be used for any purpose.

Send your application, and keep track of your application number so you can use it later.


Next, upload the document needed for your driving license application. Here are the steps to upload your document to your driving license application.

Go to Parivahan website and select main Menu to document upload >> Upload Document Scanned Image.

Upload the remaining documents


Next, upload your signature and photo. Go to Parivahan website and select main Menu to document upload >> Upload Photo And Signature.

  • Step 1: Upload a Photo : By clicking Choose File/Browse Button & Select the location where the Scanned Photo file has been saved.Step
  • 2:- Sign up : By clicking Choose File/Browse Button & Select the location where the Scanned Signature file has been saved.Step
  • 3:- Upload and View Files : Click the “Upload And View files” button for Uploading Photo, Signature on server And view it on Browser.Step
  • 4:- Save Photo & Signature Image Files : After verification, Click “Save Photo & Signature Image Files” to complete the upload process.

Specifications of Scanned Photo & Signature

1) Photo Dimensions – Width:35mm/1.4 inches (minimum of 420 pixels) , Height: 45mm/1.75 inches (minimum of 525 pixels) , Width X Height – 420 x 525 pixels (preferred).

2) Signature Dimensions – Width 256 pixels x Height 64 pixels , Width 1.4″ /3.5cm X Height 0.44″/1.06cm (preferred).

3) Size of Both These files should be between 10kb – 20kb.4) Allowed File Types Are- JPEG/JPG/jpeg/jpg.

Next, click on Save Photo & Signature Image Files button. After clicking on next button. Click on the next button to open the ll slot books.


Next, you will need to book a learner license slot for the computer exam. Click on the parivahan website to select an appointment option.

you have to give Appointment of Slot Book, Which are “Date and Time” Given By Sarathi Parivahan Website” select to appointment.

Now select main menu to Slot Booking >> LLTest slot Booking.

Click on the submit button to enter details like Application number, Applicant date of birth, captcha code, and other pertinent information.

Now open slot book date, available date, to choose date and conform your slot book

Driving License Slot  Booking Confirm and Prints this.


Next step is pay your application fees, first go to Sarathi Parivahan Offical Website Some Fixed Fees Pay for Driving Licence Fees. Pay Fees in Sarthi Parivahan Website is so essy method. Parivahan offers an online option to pay fees. click on payment.

Now, show the instructions and carefully read them. Click to continue.

Now enter your application number and Birth date and click to ” click here to calculate fees” and show fees details below and make payment.

Online payment of driving licence feesSarthi Parivahan, Online Payment for Driving License Fees

online pay fees dl

After payment is received, you will receive your slot booked and your computer exam on that date.

Step 6: Verify the Pay Status

Your payment must be verified. If your payment is complete, you can proceed with the process. Otherwise, you will need to pay your fees. Here are the steps to verify your payment status.

Visit sarthi Parivahan website first and then select driving license related services. Click on the Check Payment Status button.

Please Enter the following details to get Status of the Payment –  Application Number, Birth Date and click on verify button.


After filling out the application, click submit.

Once you complete the forms, you documents and originals will be validated.

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