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Online Transfer of Ownership in Chennai | RC Transfer Chennai

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Transfer of ownership vehicle in Chennai | RC Transfer in Chennai | RC ownership name change Chennai | Change ownership name in RC book online Sarthi Parivahan

Vehicle ownership transfer Chennai: You can sell or purchase your vehicle in Chennai by transferring your vehicle ownership. Vehicle ownership transfer is very important because the owner’s name will be on the RC books and buyers will want their name on the vehicle’s RC books. if you want to transfer your name vehicle to other person’s name then read this article. old vehicle want to sell then you need to transfer your vehicle to buyer’s name.

Online Vehicle Ownership Transfer in Chennai

It is easy to transfer ownership of your vehicle. All services can be done online through the parivahan portal. Transfer of ownership of a vehicle within a state is defined as transfer within the territorial boundaries of the state. We might sell a vehicle that was registered in Chennai if it is our car. Normal sales occur when ownership of a vehicle passes to someone else or it is sold by the owner. The seller will need to have a No Objection Certificate for the vehicle.

Required Document Fees

  • NOC (No objection Certificate).
  • In order to change the ownership, you must apply in Form-29 and Form-30 Along with a pencil print of the chassis number.
  • Inheritance to change ownership Form 31 In the event of a change in ownership through public auctions, you can apply in Form 32 Should be done.
  • Together with the original R.C. Original R.C. Be sure to attach a copy of your certificate and proof of your identity.
  • Transfer fees for two-wheelers are Rs.150/per and motor cars Rs.300/per.
  • As transfer tax, a lump sum tax @ 15% should be paid. However, vehicles older than 8 years must pay tax @ 1% and Rs.100/-, depending on which is higher.

Online Vehicle Ownership Transfer in Chennai

You can transfer the ownership of the vehicle by following these steps:

First, get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the seller. Next, go to the official website parivahan. and select menu from Online Services >> Vehicle related Services.

renewal of rc

Select your state to continue

Select your RTO for vehicle registration, and then click on Proceed.

You can apply online for transfer of ownership, address change, and hypothecation [Addition/Continuation/Termination], Duplicate the RC

As a Vehicle Registration Number, enter your vehicle details. Click on the VERIFY DETAILS Button to verify details.

You will now see the entire details of your vehicle. You can now see all details of your vehicle. What is the name of your vehicle? When was it registered? And when does your insurance expire? All such information can be found here.

Fill All Details
Vehicle Ownership Transfer
EnterNew Owner Details

The fees for the car or bike transport must be found further down the screen.

Select Payment Option to Pay Fee

Check your details again and verify the name and address for the person who will be responsible for your car. Once all details have been confirmed, you can click the button below to make payment. Pay online and submit your application successfully.

Finally, this Stage Confirmation box Screen will be displayed to the applicant. After confirming the details, proceed.

Confirm Details

Once you have made payment, submit your application and generate a reference receipt. You will need this receipt to continue the process. Next step is to pay your vehicle tax

Procedure to pay the vehicle’s pending tax in Chennai

You must first pay the pending tax if you wish to transfer the ownership of the vehicle. Next, get the Transfer the ownership of the vehicle process.

You need to visit vahanparivahan website https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/vahanservice/After opening the official website, select RTO state and click on Proceed.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is renewal-of-rc-select-state-rto.png

You can use the main menu to choose RC-related services to pay your taxes.

pay ta vehicle

Enter your vehicle registration number and see how much is pending vehicle tax.

Pay your pending vehicle tax using online like a net banking or debit card. You can then transfer the vehicle’s ownership after you have made the payment.

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