Peace Nobel for Filipino and Russian journalists fighting for free press

Dmitry Muratov and Maria Ressa, journalists, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 on Friday for their “courageous fight for freedom” in Russia, the Philippines, and Russia. They also exposed abuses of power in the face of all dangers.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the 2021 laureates. Ressa, founder and chief at Rappler, digital media platform for investigative journalism, was chosen. Muratov, founder of Russian daily Novaya Gazeta was also selected. They were “representatives for all journalists who stand for this ideal in a global in which democracy freedom and the press face increasingly difficult conditions”.

The Committee stressed that “free, independent, fact-based journalism serves as a safeguard against abuse of power and lies” and that this is a prerequisite for democracy and protection against conflict.

It stated that the Nobel Peace Prize award to Maria Ressa (and Dmitry Muratov) was intended to emphasize the importance of defending and protecting these fundamental rights.

It pointed out that it is difficult to promote fraternity among nations, disarmament, and a better world order in this time without freedom of expression. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize award was “firmly anchored in Alfred Nobel’s will”.