Peruvian President announces resignation of PM

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo announced that Prime Minister Guido Bellido will resign to maintain the “governability” of the country, which has been mired in political tensions since July 29th.

In a nationwide address, the president stated that he had accepted the resignation of Guido Bellido Ugarte as President of Council of Ministers. He was a man I owe a lot for his service to the nation.

Bellido released a letter on Wednesday afternoon announcing that he had “irrevocably resigned from the Presidency of Council of Ministers, as you (Castillo), have requested of me”, according to Xinhua news agency.

According to El Comercio, Bellido resigned amid “serious queries regarding his tax investigations and contradictions within the cabinet” as well as “his public confrontations with Foreign Minister Oscar Maurtua.”

Castillo claims that Bellido’s resignation was accepted to ensure “tranquility” and “cohesion in government”.