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PIL in Delhi HC seeks to change Call Sign VT on Indian Aircrafts

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Delhi High Court has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), asking for direction to the Centre Government to modify the Call Sign VT on Indian aircraft. This is the call sign for ‘Victorian Territory, Viceroy Territory’.
It was argued that VT, which is a sign slavery, continues to exist even after 75 years.
Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay was a practising advocate and leader of BJP. He stated that Britain had given India the prefix VT before the partition in 299.
“The code for colonies that began with V was set by the British. But, countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and China changed their codes later. “While in India, the prefix was still on the aircraft after 93 years. This offends citizens’ right to dignity,” the plea stated.
Further, the plea stated that the VT symbol signifies we are still Victorian Territory and Viceroy Territory. This is true, but the government refuses change or to make any effort to do so even after 75 years.
The petitioner claims that many of the colonial servitude countries have removed their colonial signs, and started a nationalist code. If we still use VT, it should not be a symbol or pride.
Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, a leader of BJP, states further in the petition that our Prime Minister travels abroad to meet with world leaders in Air India One (B747-437), under the call sign VT–EVB.
“Is the Prime Minster a leader in a free democracy country or viceroy territory? After bifurcation, Pakistan’s call sign was changed to AP. Similar changes were made in the Bahamas to change their call sign to AP after bifurcation.
In the plea, it was also stated that the prefix “VT” is required to be carried by all Indian aircraft. The Code can be seen above the windows and just before the rear exit doors. The prefix of domestic airlines is followed by unique alphabets which identify the aircraft’s owner and the country it is from.
According to the petition copy, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), and International Telecommunication Union(ITU) are the organizations responsible for assigning call signs. Futile attempts were made in the past to change the call signs for our nation’s aircraft. However, all efforts were in vain as they replied by saying that India cannot get BA (Bharat) or IN (India) because China and Italy have already accepted the corresponding ‘I’.
Praful Patel, the then Civil Aviation Minister, stated that India couldn’t get a code it wanted and would only function with “VT”. This is absurd because petitioner found out that call signs for different countries used the same primary alphabet, but with different secondary alphabets. For example, Norway, Argentina, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Luxembourg use the signs “LV/LQ”, ‘LZ”, ‘LY’ and ‘LN”. The same goes for Panama, Haiti and Honduras. They use the letters ‘HH, HR’, and HL’ respectively. Petitioner claims that certain countries use only one alphabet, such as Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, the United States of America, ‘N’, and the United Kingdom G’. Petitioner argues that these countries are capable of doing it and India can also do it. “The plea states that India can reject the call sign given to them by their former rulers.

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