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Piyush Goyal: Government and private sector should collaborate to lower logistics costs

Piyush Goyal, Union minister, called on the Commerce sector to collaborate with the government to lower logistics costs. This would bring them down from 12-14 percent to about 7-8 percent in comparison to the cost of shipping to developed countries.
Today, the Government of India hosted its inaugural National Logistics Excellence Awards. Piyush Goyal and SomParkash Sharma, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, presented the awards in 12 categories.
The National Logistics Excellence Awards are designed to recognize those logistics service providers who have displayed innovation, diversity and efficiency.
The first edition of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries featured 169 entries and 12 awards categories. It took a year to identify, categorize, and select qualified applicants. To make the final decisions, a National Jury comprised of nine senior dignitaries and an Expert Screening Committee was formed.
Minister Gati Shakti, who will be benefiting the logistics sector the most by investing across roads, ports, airports and multi-modal terminals, emphasized that infra expenditure should increase from Rs 2.5 lakh crores to Rs 7.5 million crore.
GatiShakti is said to be a tool that will aid in planning and implementation. It will also ensure that connectivity issues such as last-mile are eliminated. He said that the government is considering promoting ship-building and container manufacturing.
He was grateful for the contribution of the logistics sector to the COVID-19 epidemic. He said that India was able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic challenges thanks to its resilient and efficient supply chain. This helped support the two-year growth in trade.
He asked that start-ups be included in the industry’s efforts to improve transparency and efficiency.
According to the minister, MSMEs should be awarded separate awards in order to recognize their contribution in the logistics sector.
MoS Som parkash Sharma, MoS of India, stated that cost-effective logistics was crucial for the growth and development of the Industries and Indian Economy. He also stressed that technology adoption and skill enhancement are essential to the success of this sector.
Anurag Jain Secretary to the DPIIT acknowledged the excellence of the logistics sector and shared that GatiShakti and Atmanirbhar Bharat are driven by many MSME’s and Startups in India, making the sector crucial for India’s economic ambitions.
The Logistics Ease Across Different States report (LEADS), which measures appreciation for the efforts of the State Governments will continue to be the basis of the Logistics Excellence Awards, an annual exercise that recognizes excellence in logistics in India’s private sector.


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