PM Modi warns that a selective view of human rights violations is dangerous for democracy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned, without mentioning any incident that a narrow view of human rights violations through a political lens was dangerous for democracy. It will also affect the country because a few people have altered the definition of rights to suit their needs.

Prime Minister Modi addressed the 28th National Human Rights Commission Foundation Day Programme on Tuesday via video conferencing.

He claimed that India has always respected human rights and that his government provided new rights for Muslim women who demanded laws against Triple Talaq. His government also freed them from the compulsions of ‘Mahram’, and allowed them to be chaperones, male family members accompanying them during haj.

He stressed the empowerment of women and said that India provides paid maternity leave for 26 weeks to career women to help protect the fundamental rights of newborns.

Modi highlighted the strict law and order by stating that his government has created 650 fast track courts as well as the death penalty for the crime of rape.

All services can be provided by one location for both the fare and non-faregenders. This includes counselling, temporary accommodation, medical assistance, and counseling. He said that the government had amended the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act to allow for legal and safer abortion options.

Modi stated that his government always thinks of the last person in line and works hard to ensure no one is left behind, even those unaware of basic human rights.

We came up with schemes such as Jan-Dhan Yojna or Ujjwala Yojna or Swacch Bharati Abhiyan. These campaigns and schemes have made life easier for people who never dreamed of owning bank accounts, owning debit cards or having a gas cylinder delivered to their home. The prime minister stated that people no longer have to defecate openly and that the ‘Saubhagya’ scheme has ensured that all households get electricity.

Modi also highlighted the government’s efforts to assist the differently-abled. He said, “Nationwide thousands of institutions, public spaces including buses and railways as well 700 websites and currencies have been made accessible to people with disabilities.” Modi pointed out that the Transgender Peoples’ Protection Of Rights Act was introduced for the transgender community. He also said that these steps will eradicate all forms of injustice in the country.

PM Modi also stated that the NDA government had been working hard towards Jammu and Kashmir’s development. He reiterated that his government respects human rights and works in the best interests of all sections of Indian society.