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Poland works to abolish the disciplinary chamber ordered by EU

According to the European Court of Justice’s ruling on Thursday, Poland is working on the dissolution of the controversial Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court.

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The top EU court ordered Warsaw to pay USD 1.16 millions per day until the end of its work as a disciplinary chamber.

“The law work is progressing. It has been ongoing for some time. The analysis was completed in March or April, at the latest, May. “I think that a compromise option which will be suitable to mister President will crystallize out in a few months,” Morawiecki said to reporters.

The EU court in July ordered Warsaw to end the operation of the disciplinary room, which was authorized to remove judges from their positions. This was deemed a threat to independence and the integrity of the judiciary in the country by Brussels. The ruling was refused by Poland, who claimed that the Polish constitution predates EU law. The European Commission then asked the EU court for financial sanctions against Poland in order to force it to implement the court’s decision.

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