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Why did Draupadi Murmu’s daughter say – my friends used to get angry with mother

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Aaj Tak has a special conversation with Itishree, daughter of Presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu. It has been insisted on his behalf that the opposition parties will also support his mother.

Draupadi Murmu has been declared a candidate by the NDA in the presidential election. If she becomes president, she will be the first tribal woman to reach this highest office. Now Aaj Tak has also talked to his family about this. An attempt has been made to know from his daughter that what is the personality of Draupadi Murmu.

Draupadi Murmu lives with her daughter Itishree and brother. Her daughter tells that her mother has been very strict since childhood. She says that in the school where I studied, my mother used to work as a teacher there. In such a situation, there was always extra pressure on me. My friends used to get annoyed when mother used to take surprise test.

By the way, Draupadi Murmu’s daughter is confident that her mother will get the support of all political parties in this presidential election. In his eyes, if his mother’s personality is understood properly, then everyone will support him. She says that everyone should try to understand my mother, understand her thoughts. What do they think, what do they believe. When they come to know about all this, they will definitely support my mother.

While expressing her wish, Itishree has also said that she wants to stay with her mother even after becoming the President. She tells about this that I would like to live with my mother with both my daughters, even if they become the President of the country.

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