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Draupadi did more for the underprivileged than Murmu; Was a member of Vajpayee’s BJP, proud of it: Yashwant Sinha

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Yashwant Sinha said that today’s BJP is different from Vajpayee’s BJP. He alleged that democratic values ​​are in danger under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Sinha, 84, said that this time the presidential election is not about identity but about ideology.


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Presidential Election: opposition candidate for president said on Thursday that as a former Union minister, she was the NDA’s top candidate for the Scheduled Tribes and other disadvantaged sections. Has done ‘too much’ work. Sinha also questioned Murmu’s record of welfare works while holding several posts including that of the Governor of Jharkhand. Asked about questions being raised in some circles about the opposition’s support to Sinha, despite being in the BJP for a long time before 2018, the former Union minister said he was a member of the party led by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Proud of his record during his stay.

‘Today’s BJP is different from Vajpayee’s BJP’
He said that today’s BJP is different from Vajpayee’s BJP. He alleged that the Prime Minister Democratic values ​​in government are at risk. Sinha, 84, said this time the presidential election is not a battle of identity but of ideology. “It is not a question of identity as to who is Murmu or who is Sinha. The question is which ideology does she represent in our monarchy and which ideology do I represent.” Sinha said that he stood up for the protection of India’s democratic values.

‘Murmu comes from tribal community but what has she done?’
With several leaders of the ruling coalition repeatedly mentioning and praising Murmu’s simple background and tribal identity, Sinha said, “She comes from the tribal community but what has she done? She was the Governor of Jharkhand. What steps did he take to improve the condition of the tribals? Just by being born in a community, you do not automatically become an advocate of the community.” He said, “Look at the budgets presented in 5 consecutive years when I was the Finance Minister. Every budget had special provisions for weaker sections including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and women. This was the policy of the government in which I was working. I can claim today that I have done more work for the underprivileged and tribals than that. Just I was not born in the tribal community.

‘I am in the field and we will fight well’
Sinha alleged that the BJP was dependent on identity politics while the opposition was giving an ideological message. The electoral tally in the presidential election seems to be strongly in favor of Murmu, but Sinha, a bureaucrat-turned-politician, said he entered the election with a determination to win. He claimed, “I know there are indications from many quarters that the parties in the middle are more inclined towards the BJP than us. These are early days. Things will change going forward.”

Sinha said that after filing his nomination on June 27, he will talk to members of every party for support and travel across the country. “When we started campaigning, the BJP was behind the majority. The competition is open. I am in the fray and we will fight well.

‘The BJP which was there during the time of Vajpayee, does not exist today’
He said that if such a person is sitting in Rashtrapati Bhavan who does not dare to speak, then the executive will not be in control. Asked about his nearly two-and-a-half-decade association with the BJP, Sinha said today there are many political parties which were supporting the Vajpayee-led government. He claimed that the BJP which was there at that time does not exist today.

It is worth noting that at this time the two arch rivals of the BJP- Trinamool Congress and DMK had been involved in Vajpayee government at different times. Sinha said that Vajpayee was a great parliamentarian, a great leader who worked for democracy and consensus. Referring to the Iraq war and the policies of the then Vajpayee government on Pakistan, he said that the former prime minister used to talk to his coalition partners as well as opposition members on important subjects. Sinha alleged, “This (Modi) government does not believe in consensus. This is the fundamental difference between that BJP and this BJP. This BJP is different.” Taking a dig at the present government, he alleged that democratic institutions, including the courts, have been “devalued”.

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