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Putin claims that sanctions have a greater impact on Russia than the West

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Vladimir Putin, Russian President, has stated that Western countries have been more adversely affected by the most severe sanctions against Moscow ever imposed for its actions in Ukraine.
After Putin’s February 24th invasion of Ukraine, troops from Russia were sent into the country.
Putin pointed out that many countries are facing hunger threats and that the EU (European Union) could also face consequences if sanctions continue against Russia.
According to TASS news agency, the Russian leader said that “the entire and complete blame for this lies with the elites in the Western countries who for their global dominance are willing to sacrifice the rest the world.”
Putin’s invasion into Ukraine is causing economic disruptions around the world. It has an impact on the security of global food supply and global supply chains. The most affected countries are the most vulnerable.
He said, “In turn Russia is confidently dealing with external challenges.”
Along with the G7 countries and the European Union (EU), the US has placed severe economic and immediate costs on Russia due to its “atrocities” in Ukraine, including Bucha.
Group of Seven (G7) condemned Sunday’s Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, which puts global food security at serious risk.
They demanded Russia to stop its blockade and any other activities that could further impede Ukraine’s food production or exports in compliance with its international commitments.
“Russia’s war on Ukraine is putting global food security in serious danger.” We call on Russia, together with the United Nations to end its blockade, and any other activities that further hinder Ukrainian food production and exports in accordance with its international obligations,” reads the G7 joint statement.
Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine on February 24, three days after it recognized the Ukrainian rebel regions of Donetsk & Luhansk “independent republics”. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the operation targets only Ukrainian military infrastructure. As a result, the West imposed severe sanctions on Russia.

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