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Radha Mohan Written Update, Upcoming Twists, Spoiler Alert (Aug 8)

Radha Mohan: Meanwhile, Gungun picks up a stone from his side and strikes a heart with a bull’s eye. The heart is strong and small stones don’t affect him.

Gungun decides to take a chance and runs with the newspaper clippings, hiding at a strange location. Hriday follows Gungun and asks him to get out.

He warns her, saying that he will forgive her if she comes out on her own. She will not be allowed to return home alive if he captures her.

Gumming is hiding in the corner, scared as a cat, but the heart sees him and catches him red-handed. The heart glances at the well to one side and then throws gum in it.

Radha can save Gungun, and return her home safely.

Hriday will be treated differently by Mohan when he learns how he attempted to damage his Gungun.

To download all episodes Pyaar Ka Naam Radha Mhan or Aaj Ka (8 Aug 2022) click here. ZEE5.com allows you to view the full episodes online.

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