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Is Shamshera not releasing in Hindi, what do you think after seeing the poster?

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Shamshera Trailer: Just make posters of the title and stick them in your city, then you will not know that Ranbir Kapoor’s film is coming in Hindi. The makers made posters of Tamil-Telugu versions in those languages, but Hindi posters in English.

Ranbir Kapoor Film: Yash Raj Films’ Shamshera is going to release next month. in three languages. Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. But the makers, who are trying to rob the Hindi audience and earn crores from them at the box office, do not show any respect or love for the Hindi language. Had it been so, he would definitely have brought the poster of this Hindi film in Hindi. In fact, he is not even afraid that the audience of the Hindi belt may protest that when the film is made in his language to earn money, why was the poster not brought in Hindi. While the producers in the South are fully aware of the danger that if the film is to be released in Tamil or Telugu, the posters will also have to be brought in that language. Otherwise the audience will protest and will not come to see the film.

Hindi poster in English
Yash Raj Films has released the solo posters of Shamshera’s three lead actors Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor. These posters were released in three languages. English, Tamil and Telugu. No poster was brought in Hindi. The producers have brought the posters in English for the information of the Hindi audience. It is written in English on it that this film is being released in Hindi. If all three posters are put in front of you, then you will not know that this film is coming in Hindi. It would seem that the film will come in English, Tamil and Telugu.

Watch the teaser of Shamsheera

the government has said
In view of the neglect of Hindi in Bollywood over the past few decades, the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2018 had directed producers to compulsorily give credit in Hindi to the actors and technicians on screen. Also said that apart from Hindi, he can do this in English or any other two languages. Last year, the Censor Board had also directed the producers to give title, casting and credits in the language in which the film is being made. Though the poster has not been talked about yet, it is surprising that most of the big producers do not care to release the posters of Hindi films in Hindi. The interesting fact is that Yash Raj released the poster of his previous film Samrat Prithviraj in Hindi. Then people said that the director of the film is Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, so it became possible.


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