Remains of Korean War victims identified

Two police officers who were killed during the Korean War 1950-53 have been identified by DNA analysis. They were found at a former battleground more than a decade back, Seoul’s Defence Ministry said Friday.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the remains belonged to Lee Nam-eui, and Choi Young-geun. They were killed during a battle against North Korean troops in the southwestern region of Yeonggwang, July 1950.

Through the joint excavations by police and the ministry, their remains were found in the area in 2007.

According to the Ministry, 250 police officers were involved in the intense battle. All of them were killed in action.

Their families had registered their DNA samples with government to enable identification. The Ministry added that a ceremony would be held to mark their return and place their remains in a national cemetery.

Around 140,000 South Korean soldiers were killed in action, while 450,000 were wounded during the three-year conflict.

Around 123,000 remains of South Korean soldiers who have been killed in action are still to be found.