Residents alerted after leopard was spotted in Delhi’s Tughlaqabad

A leopard was seen in the vicinity of the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, south Delhi’s Tughlaqabad. This prompted authorities to issue an alert for nearby residential areas.

The leopard was last seen in Sangam Vihar on September 8, and wildlife officials have been trying since then to locate its current location. A senior official from the South Forest Division (Asola Batti Wildlife Sanctuary) spoke on Friday.

“It is possible that the leopard has left this area, but people living in nearby areas should be cautious when they step out of their homes after sunset,” Tajuddin, Deputy Range Officer South Forest Division (who goes under a single name).

According to the forest official, people from nearby villages were asked to be cautious when stepping out of their houses and to close their main doors after sunset. Sangam Vihar and JJ Colony have been alerted. Sanjay Colony has been alerted. Bhatti Mines has also been alerted.

This is only the second leopard sighting in the area within the past four months. The forester stated that a leopard had been seen in the area sitting on top of a rock.

He said that a leopard might have arrived in the area while hunting, as there are many deer in the area.

After the leopard was captured on a camera trap placed at 250m from the Tughlaqabad forest offices, forest officials learned of its presence. Camera trap images captured the leopard in darkness in the area.

It is not uncommon for leopards to be spotted in the capital before that time. A leopard was seen in Mehrauli last month. In January, several CCTV cameras were placed in Najafgarh to capture it.

The Forest Department doesn’t know the number of leopards in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. Officials from Delhi Forest said that several cameras have been installed in the sanctuary to determine the leopard population.