Residents of Hyderabad’s flood-stricken Osman Nagar feel abandoned

After the heavy rains, Hyderabad’s Osman Nagar residents were again left homeless.

Osman Nagar is a small village on the outskirts of the capital. Authorities have not responded to his plight.

They were still not able to fully recover from the effects of last year’s floods. However, recent rains forced them to move again. They feel abandoned by the authorities.

Over 1,500 people were made homeless by the incessant rains that fell over the last few days.

People who suffered severe losses in October 2013 due to the torrential rains, were further affected by the rains. Families were seen moving away with what they could salvage.

Some people moved to relatives’ houses in other parts of the country, while others were able to rent houses from those without support.

“Fridge and other household objects were damaged because the house was submerged in water.” Farzana Begum, a resident said that she could not collect any cooking ware or other essential items.

The couple, their visually impaired husband, and four children lived in Osman Nagar. They had just moved to Bismillah Colony. The water was still there after last year’s floods. Residents tried to pump it out repeatedly, but they were not successful.

Farzana said that she had to move because her house was still under water and the snake threat was real. She also felt that authorities were deliberately not taking steps to divert water flow. They suspect that powerful politicians and land sharks may be looking at the land, and are waiting for residents to move by offering their homes at low prices.

Many of the families living in Osman Nagar come from working classes. They feel the authorities have left them to their own devices.

Even the recent visit of Education Minister P. Sabitha Indra Reddy to the area, who is also the local MLA could not help them. Asha, a widow with three children, including one who is mentally challenged, said that although she promised help, nothing had happened. Asha had to move to another location because of the heavy rains that fell two days ago.

For those with very limited or no sources of income, the conditions are deplorable. Numerous families rely on the monthly rations provided by philanthropists. A businessman was inspired by the suffering of elderly and widowed people. He offered to provide a monthly ration for 24 families.

Residents claim they have lived in the area for at least 15 years, but that they never experienced flooding until last year. Officials from Jalpally municipality claim the houses were built at the lake’s Full Tank Level (FTL). However, residents noted that they have been paying electricity and drinking water charges as well as taxes.

A court official stated that they cannot provide a permanent solution to the matter while it is still pending before the court issues its verdict.