Richa Chadha: Social Media Campaigns are a great way to reach maximum people

Richa Chadha uses social media to spread awareness about Covid-19. She believes social media campaigns can be a great way for many people to reach one person at once.

Richa started the social media platform ‘The KINDry,’ which allows people to share their thoughts and discuss current events. She has used her Facebook page this time to raise awareness about the pandemic, and help people maintain Covid appropriate behavior.

Richa stated that social media campaigns can be a great way of reaching many people at once. Through The KINDry, I have the ultimate goal to educate people about covid appropriate behavior as well as encourage them to get vaccinated as soon possible. Richa encourages people to get vaccinated as soon as possible and to be ready to deal with any situation, mentally or physically.

She said that the threat of the third wave is still present and that it was important for people not to socialize and to stay home. We need to change our behavior and stop allowing the second wave of infections to continue.