Salman Butt believes there is a dirty play going on against Kohli

Salman Butt, ex-Pakistan captain and cricket expert, said that Viratkohli’s decisions at the World Test Championship (WTC final) were not in line with the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Butt was responding after a recent news story claimed that Virat might be asked to take over for Rohit Singh as captain if Team India fails the ICC World T20. With a successful Test series against England and a crucial T20 World Cup in the horizon, the ex-captain of Pakistan said it was not the right time for a debate about the captaincy.

“Does the timing of this announcement make you uncomfortable? “I don’t have any problem with what they think, it’s just about their evaluation of who can lead their cricket forward… but this is the time to address these matters. Butt posted a video on YouTube claiming that Virat Kohli’s captaincy was in danger.

“He’s played in England recently, led his team well, was criticised for his selections but is now backing his team. His team is playing good cricket and is at top in all formats. The World Cup is up front so it’s not a dirty game to have such negative news in the media. Butt replied that Rohit is a better captain than Kohli, but the former has a decent winning percentage across all formats.

Rohit Sharma is an excellent captain. This has been said before. However, we don’t have the time or the space to discuss them. Trophies matter. I agree. But, look at the numbers of games he has won. Also, see how successful he is around the world. I believe this is not the right time. This guy has done so much good for Indian cricket. This news is a sign of bad intent that shouldn’t be happening.