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Salman is defeated by Shah Rukh Khan as the most fashionable icon

The Bollywood kings Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, have been friends ever since their split a few years ago. They are still constantly compared on the professional front. Surprisingly, neither has ever faced a fashion battle. Both the superstars juggle between the two extremes–comfortably cool and dashing formals.

Shah Rukh is one the most well-dressed Bollywood actors. His wardrobe is king-sized, and filled with exclusive and expensive brands. SRK is a stylish and cool celebrity. He often sports a roguish style. He can be seen mostly in black T-shirts, jackets and ripped jeans, as well as sneakers and black shades. He is a master of what looks good on him, and he doesn’t like to try new styles and colours. He is a firm believer in Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

His red carpet looks have been a hit with everyone. He looks great in any style, whether it’s an Italian suit, a classic tuxedo, or a chic pathani suit. His attitude and confidence are infectious. Shah Rukh is known for spending a lot on his clothes. His casual Balenciaga Europal print hoodie in Balenciaga is worth Rs 70 514 He is frequently seen in leather jackets that cost over a lakh. He was wearing a basic white Saint Laurent Tshirt that costs Rs 32,000

Salman, however, has maintained the same style for many years. He is often seen wearing the same outfits, hairstyles and sunglasses over and over again. Salman is a fashion snob. He doesn’t like to try new things, which is a stark contrast to his roles in films. Salman’s style is elegant and simple. He prefers to wear Being Human T-shirts, and he is most often seen wearing T-shirts and bootcut jeans.

Salman is elegant in smart formals at events. Giorgio Armani is his favourite brand and Gianni Versace is his favorite. Salman is very picky about colours. He is only spotted in black, white and grey.

Salman has been seen wearing unique outfits, such as cool jeans with many zippers or a traditional Arunachal Pradesh monpa jacket.

Shah Rukh is an avid shoe-lover and has more than 300 pairs. One pair of his Balenciaga speed trainers in black is worth Rs 55670. He will go to great lengths in order to find the right pair of shoes, which should be comfortable and one size larger than his feet. He likes Louis Vuitton and Paciotti shoes.

Salman on the other side isn’t fussy about his shoes. Salman prefers brown boots over black and has stated in an interview that he likes the same shoes for many years.

Shah Rukh is a big fan of colognes, and has a large collection. In an interview, he stated that he has a large collection and invests in them. He loves Diptyque and Tuscany colognes. He sometimes mixes three colognes in order to create the perfect fragrance.

Salman Khan loves perfumes. He is fond of wearing Very Sexy perfumes by Victoria Secrets, and Obsession by Calvin Klein.

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