Samsung announces an open-source software development kit for the CXL memory

Samsung Electronics unveiled a open-source software development kit for the Compute Express Link (CXL), memory ecosystem.

CXL, an industry-standard interconnect, is based on PCI Express (PCIe 5.0) interface. It enables high-speed and low latency communication between host processors and devices such as accelerators and memory buffers.

CXL-based DRAM modules can increase their memory capacity up to the Terabyte level, while also reducing latency. This is in contrast to conventional DDR-based memory which only has limited memory channels. According to Yonhap news agency, Samsung has unveiled the first industry-leading Double Data Rate 5 (DDR5) DRAM module that supports advanced CXL interface.

Samsung has announced the Scalable Memory Development Kit, (SMDK) to expand the CXL ecosystem. This allows programmers easy access to test and adjust system settings while developing software.

Samsung stated that it will verify SMDK in different environments, including artificial intelligence and cloud, and make the kit available for all developers by the second half of 2022.