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Sanjay Gupta Returns To Direction With Web Series Titled ‘Baby Patankar – Narcotics Queen Of India’

Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta will return to the director’s chair with a web-based series titled ‘Child Patankar – Narcotics Queen of India’ as he has got rights for the chronicle of Child Patankar, who established the nation’s greatest narcotics empire.

The 10-segment series, which is in response to the life of Child Patankar, popularly known as ‘The Meow Meow Queen’, will tag the OTT debut of Sanjay’s manufacturing home, White Feather Motion pictures.

On the foundation a home worker, with two young folk in tow, Child Patankar became thrown out of her home by an abusive husband. She in a intention made ends meet by working in plenty of properties and delivering milk bottles sooner than she rose within the ranks as India’s narcotics queen. Sanjay Gupta and his writers are currently penning the demonstrate that will move on ground in a single other six months. Sanjay will co-insist the series on the side of Samit Kakkad.


Commenting on the arrangement, Sanjay Gupta says, “I even were attempting forward to the factual field matter to arrangement by. Crime being my strong point and I take agreeable thing about the beat very noteworthy. Right here’s a chronicle that deserves to be quick in all its glory. She rose from there to bear and assign a watch on the greatest narcotics empire in India. Her case became active till 2015.”

He adds, “She became arrested after 120 kilos of MDMA became learned in her location. Our chronicle traces her rise to vitality, how she took over what became popularly presumed as a male bastion, her romance with a cop and the intention she exploited the connection. The contention with present drug lords who minimize off her provides, is one other aspect we are going to be able to center of attention on. Appropriate tales love these are gripping.”

The makers of the series co-produced by Bhushan Kumar of T-Series, are currently discussing the alternative with a top OTT platform for exhibition.

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