Saudi Arabia signs MoU with Pfizer for the production of genetic and viral vaccines

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Industry announced Tuesday that it had signed a memorandum of agreement (MoU), with the Pfizer Foundation, to produce viral and genetic vaccines in Saudi Arabia.

The pact was signed on the sidelines at the Riyadh Global Medical Biotechnology Summit 2021, which is being held under Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s auspices. The virtual event was inaugurated by Prince Abdullah Bin Bandar, Minister of National Guard, according to the Saudi Gazette.

According to the Ministry of Industry the tripartite MoU was signed by the Ministry of Industry, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, (KAIMRC), and the Pfizer Foundation. It aims at establishing the foundations for the production of genetic and viral vaccines in the Kingdom and also providing technical support for establishment of the human-cell platform.

KAIMRC, Department of Health Affairs of Ministry of National Guard, organizes the RGMBS in collaboration with King Saud University’s Health Sciences Faculty.

The summit will be addressed by a number of distinguished international speakers, who are leaders and pioneers in biotech companies at all levels. This three-day conference will discuss the role of biotechnology for developing medicines, vaccines, cellular and genetic treatments, as well as other aspects.

The summit will also discuss models and potential opportunities for biotechnologies development, industrial and academic collaborations, and challenges that impact Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

KAIMRC is a subsidiary of National Guard Health Affairs. It is a vibrant and young organization that has achieved immeasurable success in a short time. Its purpose is to transform laboratory results into products that improve quality of life and to train skilled researchers within the healthcare community.