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Security forces in Afghanistan surrender 63 IS militants

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According to an official statement issued Tuesday, 63 militants belonging to the Islamic State (IS), have surrendered and given up their arms to security forces in eastern Afghanistan.
Mohamad Bashir, a senior security officer, pardoned the insurgents who surrendered for their past activities and said that former militants would be punished if they violate law or disrupt security in the region, according to Xinhua.
According to the statement, more than 600 militants linked with IS have surrendered in the last six months to security officials in eastern Nangarhar province.

According to local media, Afghanistan is the country most affected by terrorism in 2021. This was based on the Global Terrorism Index released by the Institute for Economics and Peace.
Afghanistan was the least peaceful country on the planet in 2021 because it was most affected and harmed by terrorism. According to the IEP report, Afghanistan saw as many as 1,426 terrorist deaths in 2021. This account accounts for 20% of all world terror-related deaths.
More than half of these victims were civilians, stated the report. It also included the 2021 attack on Kabul that Daesh perpetrated near Kabul International Airport. 170 people died and over 200 were injured, according to the media outlet.
Notably, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq were the top three terrorist targets in 2021.
The Taliban’s quick ascension in Afghanistan to power in mid August has caused severe economic turmoil and a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
The United Nations estimates that more than 24,000,000 Afghans need humanitarian assistance.

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