Shilpa finds judging ‘Super Dancer 4’ rejuvenating

The final episode of the dance reality series ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’, judged by Geeta Kamur, Anurag Basu, and Shilpa Shilpa Shetty will air on Saturday, October 9.

Shilpa Shetty Kudra, who has been involved with the show for a while, speaks about how it has affected her life. She stated that every year these children blow your mind with their unmatched talent and dedication. I am inspired to learn, reinvent, and unlearn from this younger generation of talent as they take the stage. As they compete for the top prize, the five top finalists will display their talents and compete against each other. These are Florina Gogoi (Santchit Chanana), Pruthviraj Kongarisha Mishra, Esha Misra, Neerja Tiwari, and Pruthviraj Kongari. Shilpa stated, “They make me believe more in the process and in divinity.” It gives me confidence that India’s future and craft are in good hands. Florina Gogoi shared her experiences on the show. She said that it was an amazing feeling to be there and that she was willing and able to do her best.

She said, “It’s a great achievement for me to be part of ‘Nachpan Ka Maha Mohatsav”. “I feel all sorts of emotions and I am thrilled to have reached the top five ladder. Although the goal has yet to be reached, I am determined to achieve it. Sanchit Chanana said that although he was thrilled, he was also anxious about the finale. Vartika, his choreographer/guru, was the one he gave credit for.

He said that he was experiencing mixed emotions and was looking ahead. This has been a long road for me and I feel both anxious and excited. Vartika “didi” has been helping me practice my final act, which will give the audience an explosive performance. (‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.