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Side effects of Mango: If you eat a lot of mango, then be careful, it will not be a big loss

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Side effects of Mango: Mangoes are abundant in the market during the summer season. Perhaps this is the only fruit that people like very much. There are many benefits of eating mango, but its disadvantages are also the same. So let’s know the disadvantages of eating mangoes

Side effects of Mango: The summer season has arrived and mangoes are eaten a lot in this season. In this season, mangoes are available in the market at very low prices. People often like to eat it after eating food or in the evening. But there are as many disadvantages as there are benefits of eating mangoes. Today we are going to tell you the disadvantages of mango, as well as tell in what quantity you can consume mango.

disadvantages of eating mango

The problem of pimples is caused by eating mango

It has been seen in some people that after eating mangoes, the rash starts on the face and body. This is quite a common thing. Fighting acid is found in mango, which works to increase the heat of the body, due to which people have problems with pimples.

Mango raises sugar level

If you consume more mango then it can increase the sugar level. Often people like to consume mango after eating food. Carbohydrate content is high in Indian food. In such a situation, adding mango with food increases the sugar level rapidly.

May cause common diarrhea

You will be surprised to know that mango can also give you diarrhea. Mango is rich in fiber and eating too much fiber-rich food can lead to diarrhea. If your digestive system is weak then do not consume more mangoes.

Mango makes gas

Mango can also make you non. This is because fructose is found in mango and some people are unable to digest fructose properly. Due to which they start having gas problem.

Mango increases weight

If you eat a lot of mangoes, then be careful because mangoes can also cause you to gain weight. A good amount of calories are found in mango, which can increase your weight rapidly. People who gain weight rapidly should consume less mangoes.

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