‘Star Vs Food’: Nora Fatehi serves Morocco on a plate

Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi is from Morocco and serves two Moroccan dishes, Chicken Tagine (and Lamb Harira) as part of a show. She also feeds Marcelo Pedrozo, her make-up artist, and Badshah, her rapper friend.

Nora was one of the contestants in the food show Star Vs Food Season 2. She prepared two dishes and shared some of her favorite memories about Moroccan culture and food. She cooked under the guidance of engineer-turned-chef, Rahul Desai, who is the Executive Chef at Blah! Mumbai.

Nora stated, “When it involves Moroccan culture, our women really take hosting serious, it’s a part of our culture and people should eat. It was an emotional moment, because I was able to feed my friends. They were so gracious and it was a good feeling. Nora was born in Canada to a Moroccan family and raised in Canada. She then moved to Saudi Arabia where she learned Hindi.

Nora stated, “I learned how to read and write Arabic in Canada when I was younger, as well as Sunday schools.” When I was 17, I went to Saudi Arabia to study Arabic. The people there couldn’t understand my language “Darija”, so I had to learn Arabic. It was hard at the time but I learned it. She said, “I didn’t even know Hindi.” My friends all knew Hindi because they had seen Bollywood movies and picked it up. But when I arrived, I felt more scared and traumatized because I knew that I only had a limited amount of time to learn Hindi. I needed to learn quickly. This was what made it more difficult, but I learned it quickly because I enjoyed it and was eager to share my knowledge with others. You can stream the entire episode of Star Vs Food Season 2 on discovery+.