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Students in Class 8 faced maximum difficulties with remote learning

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A survey by the National Achievement Survey (2021) revealed that students in class 8 faced the greatest difficulties when arranging digital devices to take part in online classes during the pandemic.

84% of students in class 8 struggled to keep up with online classes because they didn’t have a digital device at home. 97 percent also experienced fear and anxiety during the pandemic.

Survey was done among 4.23 million students at more than 62,000 schools and 15,000 teachers in UP.

NAS, which was launched after Covid-19, is the largest achievement survey and the first of its kind. Its findings show the effects of the pandemic upon learning among students.

According to the report, Uttar Pradesh’s class 10 students had the most difficulty in organizing for the same.

However, 47% and 48% of students in classes 3 and 5, respectively, had difficulty arranging digital devices. 46 percent, 48 percent, and 50%, respectively, experienced anxiety.

According to the report, 46 percent of class 10 students had no access or control over digital devices and 45 percent experienced anxiety, fear, and worry.

Nearly 59 per cent of primary section students – grades 3 and 5, learned to sing, paint, cook, and shared joy with their families. This compares to 52 percent of higher class students who participated in extra-curricular activities during pandemic.

“The trend isn’t just limited to UP. Similar trends were also observed in large states such as Maharashtra. The report shows students are performing worse in all types of schools, not just those that are centrally run. “This needs to be investigated immediately,” stated an official.

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