Study: Bisexual adults are twice as likely to develop asthma than heterosexuals

A study found that bisexual adults are more at risk for asthma and other lung diseases in comparison to heterosexuals.

The study used data from 12,209 individuals. The study analyzed data from 12,209 adults. Overall, 29% of bisexuals reported having lung disease. This compares to 14% of heterosexual adults.

This study was published in Annals of the American Thoracic Society. It showed that bisexuals could experience more discrimination, which can lead to increased stress, inflammation, or stress hormones, which could worsen asthma.

“Bisexual adults have had worse health outcomes across many physical and mental health domains,” stated Jason Nagata Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at University of California, San Francisco.

Study results showed that people who identify as “mostly” or exclusively heterosexuals had higher asthma rates than those who identify as heterosexual. Although heterosexuals may be subject to discrimination, they may not be considered “outa” and may have access to the same social support and community as “out” LGBTQ+ persons.

Kyle T. Ganson Assistant Professor at The University of Toronto said, “Medical professionals and social workers need to be aware of these disparities in health outcomes because of their sexual orientation.”

“Some minorities might be less likely than others to seek treatment because of barriers to accessing care or the experience of discrimination at a clinic. Nagata stated that doctors should provide information on LGBTQ health and publicise nondiscrimination declarations. They also need to have inclusive forms for minorities, so they don’t feel discouraged from seeking treatment.