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Now what is this, this company told the customers – after drinking beer, the bottle will have to be returned!

Supply Chain Crisis: New glass bottles are not being produced in Germany due to reduction in the import of glass from Ukraine. In such a situation, companies have asked customers to return the empty bottle after drinking beer. This will allow the bottle to be reused.

Supply Chain Crisis: There is a shortage of popular food items from popcorn (Popcor n) to Sriracha Sauce all over the world. Their shortage in the midst of the summer season is a clear indication that the world’s supply is under a lot of pressure. In the last few days, some food items have become expensive due to less supply. The price of beer has also increased drastically in Germany in the last few days. Due to its low supply, it is getting very difficult.

problem for beer drinkers
The lack of bottles in Germany has created a problem for beer drinkers. This happened because of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Glass was supplied from Ukraine to Germany. Alcohol is quite prevalent here among the people. Germany is already paying more than the market price for electricity and barley.

Companies asked to return empty bottles
Now that the supply of glass from Ukraine is decreasing in Germany, wine companies here are asking customers to return empty bottles. Due to lack of glass, new bottles are not being produced. The price of the product being produced is much higher than the market rate. In such a situation, customers are being asked to return empty bottles to supply beer in the market.

The effect of not making new words on business
Companies are asking customers to return the bottle after drinking beer in the midst of a decrease in the production of new bottles. This will allow them to be used again. Actually, the beer business is getting affected due to not manufacturing enough beer bottles. In such a situation, companies have started asking for the bottle back to save the business from any impact.

Let us tell you that after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia last days, grain and cooking oil became very expensive.

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