K’taka CM : Soon, decision on relaxation of reopening primary schools

Basavaraj Bommai, Chief Minister of the State, stated that the decision to relax Covid restrictions in state border areas and to reopen primary schools would be made after a meeting of the expert committee.

On Wednesday, he spoke to reporters at Mangaluru Airport.

He stated that experts were currently assessing the situation within Karnataka’s districts bordering Kerala and Maharashtra. Soon after Dasara, a meeting will be held with the Covid expert panel to discuss the situation. A decision would be made on easing restrictions in border districts.

The CM also stated that the decision will be made regarding the reopening of primary schools. The final stages of trials for Covid vaccination are underway. Soon, children and adolescents will be vaccinated. The CM noted that Karnataka is at forefront of vaccination.

The Chief Minister spoke out about the charges and cases against the public that were filed during the pandemic. He said that after discussions with police officers, a decision would be made to withdraw these cases.

Following the precarious Covid-19 situation, the Karnataka government has placed strict restrictions on movement from Kerala. The government also restricted movement of students, from Karnataka to Kerala.