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Pakistan to face full-fledged financial crisis by end of fiscal year

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According to a report released Friday, if the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) program is not revived by the end January or early February of this year, a full-fledged crisis could be looming for Pakistan’s economy. According to Policy Research Group, Pakistan will need to repay a large amount of 8.638 ...

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The Sports Ministry’s MOC approves financial aid for Sunil Kumar and Bajrang Punia, wrestlers


The Sports Ministry’s Mission Olympic Cell has approved financial support for Sunil Kumar and Bajrang Punia for training abroad. Bajrang, the bronze medalist at Tokyo Olympics, had previously been approved Rs 7.53 Lakh to help him train in Moscow for 26 days ahead of a busy season. His ongoing camp, which ...

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Every fresher should be familiar with the basics of financial literacy


Higher education courses can impart knowledge but financial literacy is equally important. Financial literacy is a way to learn how to manage your finances and make the most of your earnings. After completing their higher education, students should be able to manage their money and face the real world. Many freshers are not ...

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Arvind Kejriwal visits the corona warriors who have died from COVID and offers financial assistance.

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New Delhi, India, November 29, (ANI): Chief Minister Arvind Kehriwal visited Monday and gave financial assistance to the family members of COVID-19 soldiers who had died from the novel coronavirus. Kejriwal, while speaking to media, tweeted that “Sunita Ji” was a sanitation worker at East Delhi Municipal Corporation. Delhi government gave Rs 1 crore ...

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US: SC will hear Trump’s appeal about financial records

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The United States Supreme Court accepted Friday that Trump’s appeals over three cases involving attempts to access his financial information would be heard. Two cases concern financial information that was subpoenaed to Democratic lawmakers. Another case subpoenaed Deutsche Bank and Capital One, by the House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees, for a wide ...

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