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Scientists find potential diagnostic and therapeutic target for lung cancer


Chinese scientists recently reported the key role of histone acetylation-regulated long noncoding RNA termed as lysosome cell death regulator (LCDR) in tumour survival, providing a potential diagnostic and therapeutic target for lung cancer. Led by Prof. GAO Shan from the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology of the Chinese ...

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Optimal health targets are met by few adults with Type 2 diabetes


Less than one in five adults with Type 2 diabetes in the US meet health targets to reduce heart disease risk, a new study has found. The findings of the study were published in the journal ‘Circulation’. Fortunately, available therapies can help when combined with new approaches that address social ...

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New study reveals being in space destroys more red blood cells


A world-first study has revealed how space travel can cause lower red blood cell counts, known as space anemia. Analysis of 14 astronauts showed their bodies destroyed 54 per cent more red blood cells in space than they normally would on Earth, according to a study published in ‘Nature Medicine’. ...

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hydroxychloroquine delays disability for least treatable form of multiple sclerosis


A University of Calgary study has found promising results for the generic drug hydroxychloroquine when used to treat the evolution of disability of primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), the least treatable form of the autoimmune disease. MS has been known to affect about 90,000 Canadians with about 15 per cent ...

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Study finds that gut can sense the difference between real sugar and artificial sweetener


A new research study, led by Diego Bohorquez, an associate professor of medicine and neurobiology in the Duke University School of Medicine shed light on the cells in one’s testine”>intestines that could distinguish between two sweet solutions and communicate the difference to one’s brain in milliseconds. Not long after the ...

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Chewing to stay slim: How to savour food better and dodge weight gain


A recent study by Waseda University, Japan, provided a causal link between chewing and diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT). The study, led by Dr Yuka Hamada and Professor Naoyuki Hayashi, has been published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports’. The fact that chewing food well makes a healthy eating habit is an age-old ...

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Leo Daily Horoscope You have been following a highly hectic schedule for the last few days and it is time to get organized. Today will be comparatively relaxed, but you should take this time to get your affairs into some semblance of order. Otherwise, things are likely to get even more chaotic in the coming days and you are likely to become anxious as things would seem to go out of control. Leo horoscope for January → Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope Incorrect sitting posture may lead to pain in the neck region today. Watch your posture while you sit in the office. You may carry a cushion to support your back while sitting. You are a little low in energy today which might interfere with your ability to work either at home or work place. You might be inclined today to include some fitness routine in your daily activity. Leo Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope The golden rule of relationship tells that you listen to your heart. Let your heart rule your mind this time. People around you will not be able to judge your partner. So do not seek their verdict on your love life. Follow your heart and maintain your self esteem. What matters to you is the purity of your relationship. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. Leo Career & Money Horoscope Today, you are going to rediscover the love and joy that you felt in your work. External pressure have been steadily depriving you of this joy for the last few weeks, but today, an event will help you to remember why you chose this career and how much it actually suits you. This is a great day to introduce a change in attitude at your workplace.

Leo Daily Horoscope It is now that you have been following a hectic schedule for the past few days. Although today will be relatively relaxed, you should still take the time to organize your affairs. You will feel anxious as the chaos builds in the days ahead.   Leo Health & Wellness ...

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Rajinikanth Writes “There Can Be Nothing More Important Than One’s Health” As He Wishes Fans On Pongal

Extending his Pongal greetings to the people, Rajinikanth on Friday urged everybody to follow all the rules and restrictions to safeguard themselves against Covid 19. Taking to social media, Rajinikanth said: “We are all living in a difficult and dangerous time. Day by day, the numbers of those being affected ...

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Sumeet Raghavan On Work-Life Balance & Mental Health: “The Real Question Is, What Do You Do For Your Mental Health?

‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ actor Sumeet Raghavan spills the beans about how important it is to have a piece-existence balance and how he manages to to find it in test. Talking about how one can strike the acceptable balance, Sumeet talked about: “I converse you are going to must spend out ...

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Study : nature helps people cope with body image issues

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According to a new study, being in nature helps people deal with negative body image by removing some of the triggers of body image anxiety, such as the focus on social media, and strengthening coping mechanisms to keep negative feelings in perspective. The research has been published in the ‘Ecopsychology ...

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