Telangana CM meets to discuss implementation of Dalit Bandhu Scheme

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao decided Friday to convene a preparatory conference for the implementation in pilot form of the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme in four mandals.

Pragathi Bhavan will host the meeting, which is the official residence of Telangana chief Minister on September 13.

Recently, the chief minister announced that Dalit Bandhu would be implemented in four mandals — Chintakani, Tirmalgiri, Tungaturthy and Charakonda mandals in Achampet, Kalwakurty and Jukkal constituencies, and Nizam Sagar, in Jukkal constituency. The scheme is also being implemented on a pilot basis in Huzurabad Constituency.

Ministers, zilla Parishad Chairpersons, Collectors from the Four Districts of Khammam and Mahabubnagar, Nizamabad, Madhira, Tungaturthy and Achampet, Kalwakurty constituencies, SC welfare minister Sri Koppula Daswar, Chief Secretary Somesh, SC Development Secretary Rahul Bojja (Finance Secretary), will all be present.

According to the CM, the Karimnagar District Collector will attend the meeting as a special guest and share his experiences on the ground while implementing Huzurabad’s scheme.

Four mandals were selected by the government in four Assembly constituencies. They are represented in the northern, eastern, western, and southern parts of the state by Dalit MLAs (constituencies reserved to scheduled castes).

All Dalit families living in these mandals will benefit from the scheme.

The government has recognized Dalit Bandhu’s movement as a movement. The government has already allocated Rs 2,000 crore to implement the scheme for all Dalit families living in Huzurabad constituency.

Every Dalit family that is a beneficiary will receive Rs 10 lakh in grant. They will have the freedom to choose whether they want to work for themselves or their businesses and can use the funds as they wish.

The chief minister announced in August 16th that the government would disburse more than Rs 2,000 crore to 21,000 families of Dalit in Huzurabad.

He also stated that the scheme will benefit all 17 lakh Dalit families living in the state.

It will cost Rs 1.7 crore crore to implement the scheme across the entire state for all Dalit families. For 3-4 years, he said that the government would allocate Rs 30,000 crore-Rs 40,000 crore each year in the budget.