Tessa Thomson will lead Steve Buscemi’s ‘The Listener’’

Tessa Thompson, star of “Westworld”, will be the face of Steve Buscemi in “The Listener”, his upcoming directorial.
Buschemi is also known as an actor for “Reservoir Dogs”, the “Spy Kids”, films, and series like “Boardwalk Empire”, and has completed production of the film.

Deadline reports that the film was written by Alessandro Camon, of “The Messenger”, fame. It features one role on screen.

“The Listener” tells the story of Beth Thompson, a volunteer helpline operator who answers calls every night from people all over America. She is also part of a small army that picks up the phone each night, answering calls from people who are feeling hopeless, lonely, hopeless, or worried.

The tide has turned into a tsunami over the past year. Beth is now faced with the dilemma: Will she lose someone she loves? Help someone? Make someone’s mind feel at ease Smile?

In August and September, the film’s production began in Los Angeles.

Wren Arthur and Buscemi are also supporting the film under their Olive Productions banner together with Thompson.

Oren Moverman, Lauren Hantz, Sean King O”Grady, and Bill Stertz are also credited as producers for Sight Unseen Pictures.

Kat Barnette, Billy Mulligan and Suzanne Warren co-produced the film. John Hantz Motion Pictures” John Hantz and Eddie Vaisman from Sight Unseen executive produced “The Listener”.