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The abrupt end of Imran’s march might have been caused by the Pak military

Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman, decided unexpectedly to not go ahead with the sit-in after the long march. It left nearly everyone puzzled, foes, and allies alike. But there was one thing that is common: the manner it ended carried clear indications of those who made it happen, according to a media report.

Although it is not something most people say, it is the general impression that the military had, in the end, to stop things getting out of control. Dawn reported.

Retired Pakistan National Security Adviser Lt Gen Naem Khalid Lidhi openly admits to this.

“The military can be positive in interfering to keep the country stable and prevent chaos, and help restore some political stability for the economic recovery process.”

Dawn reported that another retired general said, under anonymity, that there was an awareness among the top brass of the fact that no one would be able escape responsibility for things going wrong.

According to a source, the biggest challenge faced by the military was opening communication channels with Khan. This is especially important considering their poor relations. Dawn news reported that the ex-Prime Minister continued with his long march plans. However, there was a sense of urgency everywhere, and multiple channels were used to get him around.

According to the source, those acting as intermediaries included a former chief judge, a prominent businessman and a retired general.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, “It wasn’t an easy task due Imran Khan’s stubbornness and the fact he had put a lot of effort into the project.”

Although the source didn’t share the chronology, it was clear from the discussions that negotiations continued into Wednesday night and possibly into Thursday morning.


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