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Tiger MDT23 captured on camera, TN Forest Department speeds-up combing

After hidden cameras captured the MDT23 Tiger, the Tamil Nadu Forest Department increased its combing operations in Gudalur and Masinagudi areas. This was after it had been elusive for five days.

Shekar Kumar Neeraj is the Chief Wildlife Warden and is currently on the ground leading the operations. He told IANS that they can’t reveal the exact location of tigers for safety reasons.

Residents in villages around Gudalur or Masinagudi forests complained that the tiger killed four people and 12 cattle heads, but has not been found.

Officials from the Forest confirmed that they had taken the photo of the Tiger in the Camera Trap on Tuesday. The Tiger is currently moving around its territory of Gudalur and Masinagudi and Singara.

Neeraj said that the veterinarians and forest personnel are present in the area where the photo of the tiger was taken. On Tuesday, we tried to dart it using a tranquiliser but it managed escape under the cover of the trees.” Neeraj spoke to IANS.

Two teams were deployed by the Forest Department at the spot where the MDT23 Tiger picture was taken. Other teams are also present around the Devan estate and other areas in Masinagudi and Singara which are the natural habitat for the animal.

The Forest Department also advised Gudalur residents and those living near the MTR’s fringes that they shouldn’t venture into forests for cattle grazing. Tigers are on the loose and can be seen in that area.

The Police Department joined the operation as well to patrol villages near forest land, and to warn people not to go into forests for cattle grazing or harvesting forest products.

For the past 18 days, six teams from Tamil Nadu Forest Department, one each from Kerala Forest Departments and Karnataka Forest Departments have been searching for the MDT23 Tiger. However, it is still not found.

After a petition was filed by People For Cattle in India (PFCI), requesting that the tiger not be killed, the Madras High Court issued a directive to tranquilize the animal and capture it.

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