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Top Tips for Improving Insurance Agency Email Delivery

All types of business can benefit from an effective email marketing campaign. They must be extra careful to maintain a good reputation as senders to maximize delivery and improve conversions. These top tips will help you make sure that your company is following them.

Test emails for ping

Before you send your first campaign, make sure to ping test all emails, especially if they are older lists, trade show lists, or prospect lists. Never use ping-tested emails that failed to ping test.

No Longer At

Keep an eye on your autoreplies. You should carefully review these email responses as they may be from a different source than the actual email.

Consistency & Frequency

It is crucial to maintain a positive reputation for your sender reputation by sending out emails consistently and frequently. ISPs try to evaluate the email marketing history of your domain. A solid reputation as an email sender is built by being consistent and reasonable. That assumes you follow the other tips.

Avoid/Diminish Complaints

Your sender reputation will suffer if there are too many complaints. To avoid complaints, limit campaign frequency (every other week for most general campaigns), honor opt-outs instantly, put emphasis on quality content, and limit sales pitches.

Avoid Spam Traps (Honeypots)

Spam traps are also known as honeypots and are email addresses that are specifically designed to capture email from marketers who don’t follow best practices. These spam traps target marketers who scrape email addresses or send out low-quality emails. Spam traps can lead to low deliverability and even blacklisting of domains if there are enough “catches”.

Use relevant, educational content

Buy my stuff to save money! You can quickly damage your sender reputation if you make your content salesy, irrelevant, or spammy. Make sure your content is educational and relevant. Changes in regulations, industry innovation and important news of today will be more well received than an invitation for customers to purchase your products or services.

Email marketing is both an art form and a science. It is becoming more complex and less deliverable. Email marketing can generate great leads if used correctly. However, it can also be a time- and cost-intensive waste of money if done in a “blast” mindset. This type of initiative is often outsourced to an insurance agency marketing company by insurance agency marketers who lack the time and resources.


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