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Turkey’s Islamization and religious intolerance persists: Report

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Turkey’s Assyrians and Armenians are suffering from religious intolerance.
According to the International Forum for Right and Security, Turkey’s strict education system restricts a child’s freedom to practice their religion and their right to participate. Parents are also allowed to raise their children according their religious or philosophical beliefs.
The Turkish government may be trying to make religious education, or Islamic Sunni, a compulsory subject for children between the ages of 4-6 years. Knowledge courses, Islamic religious practices in school curriculums and exams, and religious elective classes, are all considered serious threats to the child’s freedom and belief.
Students and parents who adhere to atheism or are members of the deists and other agnostic groups are also subject to oppression. The International Forum For Right and Security reported that they are forced to study religious culture and moral education courses.
The Turkish Penal Code (TCK) states that anyone who criticizes any religion or belief, especially Islam, is subject to prosecution. Non-Muslim foundations are not allowed to elect their board of Directors in Turkey.
According to the International Forum For Right and Security, the Turkish government also allocates a significant amount of resources to different religions. The Sunni Muslim population receives the largest share of the public’s budget.
Because of a lack in resources, religious communities such the Alevi and the Greek OrthodoxPatriarchate as well as the Armenian patriarchate and Protestant community are unable offer training to religious officials.
Turkey’s past history of religious repression, mass massacres and persecutions as a result of Islamization is well-known. Ankara must make sure that Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital takes all necessary measures to prevent religious violations following judgements by the European Court of Human Rights, (ECHR), and the Opinions of Human Rights Committee regarding freedom of religion.

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