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UK welcomes release 5 British soldiers held in Afghanistan

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The United Kingdom welcomes the release of five British citizens who were held in Afghanistan under Taliban rule for violating Afghan culture and customs.
After holding several British citizens for six months, the Taliban announced Monday that they had released several of their prisoners. British officials had earlier announced that five of their citizens would be released.
Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson, stated that they were handed over on Sunday to the United Kingdom following a series meetings between both sides. The official of the Taliban stated that the men were held in relation to Afghan traditions and laws.
The UK Foreign Office stated in a statement that 5 British nationals were released by the Afghan government.
“These British nationals were not involved in the UK Government’s work on Afghanistan. They traveled to Afghanistan against UK Government travel advice. This was an error. The statement continued, “On behalf of the families and friends of the British nationals, I offer my sincere apologies for any breach in Afghan culture, customs, or laws and give their assurance of future conduct.”
This is after the UK government said on Sunday it would not support anyone trying to make political change in Afghanistan. It also condemned terrorist attacks anywhere in Afghanistan.

The UK government made an official statement about violence in Afghanistan and stated that they did not support anyone trying to make political changes in Afghanistan.
Hugo Shorter (Charge d’Affaires) at the UK Mission in Afghanistan in Doha stated, “The UK doesn’t support anyone, even Afghan nationals, trying to achieve political change by violence or any activity inciting violence to political purposes in Afghanistan. We won’t allow UK soil be used for planning or preparation of it, and strongly discourage others from doing this.”
“Violences of any kind are not in Afghanistan’s interest, nor the international communion’s,” he said.
It is essential to engage pragmatically with the current Afghan administration in order to promote stability and peace, provide humanitarian aid to the Afghan people, as well as address security concerns that are shared.
David Richards, former UK chief of defense, stated that the West would recognize the Taliban sooner than expected and called on governments to be “magnanimous” in defeat.
“I believe the West will eventually recognize the Taliban government. If this is the case, we need to get moving quickly and do it sooner than later. It’s great to be magnanimous when winning. Richards stated that Richards believes this is a great opportunity to be magnanimous even in defeat,” The Khaama Press, a UK-based media reported.
Richards advised that it was time for Afghanistan to recognize that the war against Taliban in Afghanistan is over and that the US should work with the new leadership to benefit the Afghan people.

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