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‘Uneducated’, ‘walking dead’, says Sanjay Raut in fresh jab at rebel Shiv Sena MLAs

On Tuesday, the Shiv Sena leader Sanjayraut took aim at the rebel MLAs now camped out in Assam. He called them “Jahil” (uneducated), and compared them to the “walking dead.”
Raut stated in a tweet that “Jahalat” is a form of death, and that people who lack education are like the walking dead.”
Raut’s latest remarks came one day after he clarified his earlier “living bodies” comment for rebel MLAs. He said that he had used a Maharashtra style of speech and that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.
Raut said Monday that while their bodies are still alive, their souls are dead. It was a Maharashtra way of speaking. Was that wrong? Dr Ram Manohar Lohia stated that those who are in a party for more than 40 years, and then go away, are dead. I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s sentiment. I just spoke the truth.
The leader of Shiv Sena lashed out at rebel MLAs, calling them “living corpses” and whose “souls were dead” on Sunday.
Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackay attacked rebel MLAs of party members and accused them “betraying” party. He said that “the dirt has gone from Shiv Sena.”
Thackeray was speaking to Shivsainiks of Mumbai and said that party rebels were “enjoyingā€¯ Guwahati while Assam was dealing in floods in some parts of the state.
Thackeray claimed that 15-20 MLAs who were part of the rebel Eknath Shinde camp were in touch to the Shiv Sena. They have asked the party to return them to Mumbai from Guwahati.
He claimed that Eknath Shinde, the leader of the rebel group, was offered the position of Chief Minister in May. However, he “did drama.”
On Monday, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Maharashtra Unit held a core committee meeting to discuss the political situation of the state in the wake of the MVA government’s crisis.
The Supreme Court granted interim relief Monday to Shinde, and other MLAs, to file their replies to the disqualification notices issued by the Deputy President of Maharashtra Assembly on July 12.
Neeraj Kishankaul, senior advocate representing Eknath Shinde, and other witnesses told the Supreme Court that the proceedings against the Deputy speaker cannot be continued while the resolution seeking his resignation is pending.


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