“Universe Boss” tells West Indies legend Ambrose that he should be thinking about his business

Curtly Ambrose, a former West Indian fast bowler, said that Chris Gayle would not be his first choice in the Playing XI at the ICC T20 World Cup. This angered the ‘Universe boss’ who responded by saying, “I don’t have respect” for the legendary pacer.

Gayle was a member of the 2012 and 2016 West Indies World Cup winning sides.

“I am referring to Curtly Ambrose. Curtly Ambrose is one of my own. Gayle stated that he was a respected person when he joined the West Indies team. Gayle spoke on The Island Tea Morning Show, which is a St Kitts-based radio station on Tuesday.

“When I joined the team, this was the man I looked up too. But now I speak from the heart. Since he retired, I don’t know what he had against Chris Gayle. I’m not sure if he is seeking attention or if he is just expressing his frustrations in the media, but he is receiving it. I’m just giving him the attention he wants and needs.

Gayle added, “I can tell ya personally, and you can let him understand that Chris Gayle, Universe Boss have no respect whatsoever for Curtly Ambrose.”

Gayle stated that Ambrose is “continues be negative” about her team and that she doesn’t need “negative energy” in the lead up to a crucial campaign.

Gayle, 42 years old, said that he was done with Curtly ambrose. “I don’t respect him, and any time I see him, I’ll tell him the same — ‘Stop being negative and support the team before the World Cup. We need the support of past players for this team to be selected. We don’t need any negative energy, but we do need it. If other teams have their former players supporting their teams, why shouldn’t we support our team in such a large tournament? “We have already won twice in the tournament, and we are going for the third. The team has witnessed what is happening. It will reflect on the entire team. I will not accept anything from any senior player. Curtly Ambrose, you have to be a good sport. You can support the West Indies. Support West Indies. That is the thing. “This team was selected, and we need the support of past players. As Gayle prepares for the T20 World Cup, Ambrose recently criticized Gayle for his poor form. The hot-shot cricketer scored 227 runs in 16 T20Is this year, an average of 17.46.

Ambrose stated that Gayle was not an obvious choice to start on a Barbados radio station. He has been struggling for other T20 franchises and the West Indies over the past 18 months. He has not had many significant home series.